1879 August Belmont sent to Texas to buy polo ponies.

James Gordon Bennett the "knock kneed" polo professor.

April 4th 1876 Harry Blasson in San Antonio Texas near Boerne buying polo ponies for James Gordon Bennett Jr.

The first mention of the game of polo in an American newspaper that we could find.

1872 tons of English immigrants to Texas

1872 the birth of Denison Texas, this is a great flashback to Northern Texas at a time when Harold Gooch the English Buffalo hunter and polo player arrived.

1872 William Kingsbury, Boerne's/Englands  greatest English immigration recruiter to Texas was at The World Fair in Vienna selling Texas.

1869 English immigration to Texas growing so much England turns ships from Africa.

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1882 The Texas Polo Club's Captain Sheaburne & the English big shots The Frewen brothers were business partners‚Äč

April 8th 1876 James Gordon Bennett's polo ponies pass through Caldwell County Texas on way to New York.

April 6, 1876 James Gordon Bennett's polo ponies will buck him off because he can't ride..

1883 cowboy polo club played the English and got drummed.

1882 american settler Magazine says Captain Glynn Turquand has a big horse ranch in Boerne area

1898 take on Boerne's club and polo in Texas and how Captain Turquand and his merry band of Englishmen brought the game to life and possibly to America..

May 6th 1876 Texas boys could knock spots on Bennett's team at The Centennial.

1879 More on August Belmont's polo ponies.

August 1876 polo is all the rage in California and the players are really good. It says if you want to get on with ladies polo is a great way to make an impression. 

Boerne's Texas Polo Club arranged a game July 4, 1883

July 2nd 1883 Captain Turquand returns from playing polo in Austin Texas.

1885 Captain Turquand's/Boerne's polo club head to New Orleans to play.